Silicone Touch Sensor LED Night Light For Children Baby Kids

Sale price$60.00

Adorable appearance: The shape is designed to be adorable cats. Keep you in a good mood with the soft lighting;
Color-changing lamp: The 7 colors can change in order to form a gradually changing color. Through the soft silicone surface, the light looks soft and warm. Create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere;
Durable: Service time up to 15 hours after fully charged. Being your constant companion all night long;
Portable size: Easy to carry and set on the table.

USB Style:12.2*12.2*15.3cm
Batteries Style: 11*9.2*9.2cm

Dumb cat, Popularity cat small, Smart cat, Set A, Set B is Battery Style

Piggish Cat, Piggish cat remote, Plutus Cat, Popularity Cat, Popularity cat remote, Pultus cat remote, Piggish cat, piggish cat remote, plutus cat, popularity cat, popularity cat remote, pultus cat remote, Completer set 3 pcs is USB style

Package Content:
USB Style:
1x LED Night Light
1x USB cable
Batteries Style:
1x LED Night Light  

Color: Completer set 3 pcs

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