Kitchen Household Dining Table Table Wash-free Mat

Sale price$14.09

Product information:
Color: edulis,Alice dream,Der Rosenkavalier, Der Rosenkavalier, summer monsoon, Eden flower mirror, hoonroen Buddha Dawn, colorful, mottled flower sea, good Persimmon coming, Blue Charm, romantic flower sea, Wizard of Oz, without the pressure of pears, peace and joy, the Orange in front is like brocade, fresh as the wind, Fragrance Garden, little mother chrysanthemum, the first good sunshine, the flower language of life, Camellia brilliant, Eden flower mirror B, eden flower mirror C, summer monsoon B, No Man's Land rose, black gold rose, Eden flower mirror D, summer monsoon C, Sleeping Garden
Specifications: 30*40cm,40*50cm,50*60cm,40*60cm,50 * 80cm
Material: artificial leather
Main components of fabric: Advanced Technology Velvet
Style: modern simplicity
Shape: Square

Packing list:
Table Wash-free Mat*1
Product Image:
Color: Alice Dream
format: 3040cm

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