Faucet Night Lamp LED Induction Bed Lamp USB Charging Sound-controlled Night Lamp

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Built-in rechargeable battery.
Highlight LED light source.
USB interface power supply, convenient and safe.
Long battery life, 15 hours of continuous lighting.

1. Firstly, stick the backboard to the location where the night light is to be installed.
2. Align the groove of the backplate of the night lamp to the bump of the back card, insert it and pull it down. So the night lights are in place.
3. Rotate the night light switch to control the opening and closing of the night light. It is divided into three parts: regular bright, closed and intelligent. The intelligent block is a light-controlled automatic block. When the ambient light is darker, you need to feel enough decibels of sound. Night lights will automatically light up for 3 minutes, if there is no sound, they will automatically extinguish; if there is sound, they will continue to light up for 3 minutes, and so on.
4. Please plug the matching power play into the USB socket for charging. When charging, the charging indicator blue light turns on and is full of extinction

Product Name: Faucet Night Lamp
Material: ABS + PC
Input voltage: DC 5V 500mA
Product size: 10cm*8cm*6cm
Net weight of the product: 72g
Gross packing weight: 170g
Weight: 11kg

Package Content:
1 x Light

Color: 2PC Black

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